Paint Correction

Paint correction is a highly valued skilled in the detailing business. In lamens terms paint correction means to transform your car into a glass mirror through correct buffing techniques. Paint correction is a separate entity to car detailing as the extra time it takes to perfect your paints surface would not be cost efficient in a standard detail. Once your car has gone through a paint correction procedure the restored painted surface is a permanent fix.Paint Correction
To achieve these results we need to use a mild cutting compound, a polishing agent and seal in the end result with a paint protection agent.
In a perfect world it would be ideal to do this in one pass using a three in one product, but these products don’t always cut as deep or as fast as a single pass product.
Cheap detailers like to use heavy cutting compound agents because they remove a lot of damage from the painted surface but they also leave a trail of destruction which leaves your painted surface full of swirl marks. By using this heavy cutting compound they also remove a lot of paint from the surface which is unnecessary. By doing this they are inflicting more damage to the paint than what was already there to begin with.
You may ask the question, why don’t they clean up the trail of destruction and complete the whole paint correction process? When we have to add more passes to clean up the trail of destruction the job no longer is cost effective to a standard detail and becomes more complex.
Paint correction at highly skilled level is a longer process and approached in a completely different manner. Paint correction at this level is accomplished in stages using single based products, from cutting compound right through to a finishing compound. At Top Shelf Detailing we use a mild abrasive compound (Meguiars) which removes safe amounts of paint but the procedure does take a little longer. Before we start the paint correction procedure we must thoroughly wash the car, decontaminate the cars paint using a clay bar and dry it thoroughly before we begin. Once your car is fully decontaminated we may begin the paint correction procedure to the completion of your preferred paint Sealant (wax) or hardened glass coating Autotriz. 
These results achieved through paint correction have had our customers use the words “ I am literally speechless, What did you do with my car? And it never looked this good when it was new”
Once your car has been through the paint correction process it is permanent fix. With correct maintenance steps your car will maintain that mirror finish and this can be made a lot easier by sealing your paint with our Pompanazzi paint protection. We always encourage our customers to give us a call if they are unsure on how to maintain their vehicle as we really do want the polished mirror to last.Paint Correction 2


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