Autotriz Paint Protection

Autotriz is the thickest paint protection available on the market. Autotriz measures between 12-20 microns thick, 12-20 times thicker then other ceramic coatings and dealership coatings available. Not only is it a thicker coating but it is a lot harder, making it more resistant towards scratching and makes cleaning your Vehicle a Breeze.

Top Shelf Detailing has teamed up with Autotriz Australia, to bring you the ultimate in protective coatings. Autotriz is a coating that will protect your clear coat against any kind of chemical attack and environmental pollutants eg: acid rain, animal deposits (Bat Droppings, tree sap) including road grime. Autotriz will keep the exterior of your car glossy, easy to clean and will save you time from having to wax your paints surface to keep it protected, whilst keeping the better than new car shine.

With the versatility of Autotriz Paint Protection it can also be applied to Plastics, Glass, Window Rubbers, Sunroof Seals, Lights, Alloys, Chrome and Wheels.

The Process

    1. Decontamination Wash

Using a snow foam wash, the thick foam breaks down dirt, grime and everyday pollutants adhered to the vehicle and softens the contaminants allowing for a safe removal during a wash without scrubbing in any harsh substances that may be on the surface and causing further damage to the paintwork with swirl marks and scarring. Followed by the initial wash and rinse, the car is then clay barred to remove bonded surface contaminants and industrial fallout (Airborne metallic substances that bond over time to your car). We then follow this process by a final hand wash, the vehicle is then dried for a final inspection ensuring the surface is ready for our next step.


Pomponazzi - Top Shelf Detailing Rockhampton
      1. Paint Correction

This is by far one of the most important stages of detailing and preparing a car for our Autotriz Dual Layer Coating. The paint surface must go through a process of restoring and rejuvenating, mostly by a combination of polishing with specialised hand tools and select compounds and polishes. Starting with mild compounds, this removes the dullness, other deeper set contaminants and hazing, the final process is to use finer products and buffing equipment to ensure any marks and haziness is dissipated and the finish of paintwork is refined. To then finalise after the final inspection, the car is wiped down with a Isopropyl Alcohol wipe to remove any oils that may have been left from equipment and also reveal the true finish, this will allow the Autotriz applicator to ensure if there is any more spots that require further correcting are corrected appropriately. Our applicators ensure the surface finish is presented as best as possible, as once our coating is applied, the surface underneath is locked in.

Pomponazzi - Top Shelf Detailing Rockhampton
      1. Autotriz Coating

This is the most enjoyable stage and where the magic happens… the freshly beautified panels receive not only an unparalleled level of gloss and depth of colour, but a dual layer coat of arms to seal and protect the hours of TLC put into the vehicle.

New Car Pricing

Small $900

Medium $1000

Large $1200


Extra Coatings

Glass $100

Wheels $100

Plastics $100



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